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This is the first post on my new food blog. I am overjoyed that I finally mustard-up the courage to share my passion with all of you. For years, I’ve only kept a personal journal of my family’s favorite recipes and never really shared them with anyone. This might, at first, ruffle some feathers of family and friends who have asked me to share, sometimes relentlessly. I’m pouring all my heart and soul into this now and I figure go big or go home right? So I’m going to share with everyone all at once.

As I’m getting started, I can already see the learning curve for the website is going to be considerable, but stay tuned I promise there is more coming soon. I really hope you’ll join me on my journey as I share my love for food, my passion for cooking and the joy it brings me when I see others enjoying my creations. I love cooking everything from classic comfort foods, to traditional latin recipes, I learned from my grandma, but with my own modern twist, sweets are a must and of course I would not leave out the cocktail recipes.

My goal is to share my recipes in easy to follow step by step instructions, colorful pictures and the stories behind the scenes. I must warn you though, I am not a professional photographer. As time goes on, I’m sure we will all be noticing the improvements of my picture taking skills…hopefully. For now, the nicer pictures on the site will likely come from other sources like pexels.com or other photo sharing sites. I will take the pictures of the food and do my best to make the food look as delicious and appetizing as they taste.

You can subscribe below to get notified with new updates. I also welcome any feedback or ideas you may want to share. There’s a feedback link at the top of the page if you’d like to help. In the meantime, CHEERS to the start of Jenn’s Homemade!

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