Yogurt granola trail mix breakfast

Power breakfast with Yogurt granola and trail mix

If you’re looking for a nutritious breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunch, look nor further. I’m not one for oatmeal or grits on a hurried weekday morning. I have always loved yogurt and will have it as a snack anytime of the day but eating it with a little granola and a handful of dried fruit and nuts trail mix is my new favorite.

Delicious, nutritious and convenient breakfast
with just three ingredients

I love anything and everything that saves me time in the morning. This balanced breakfast is so easy to make I almost have no excuse, even on my craziest mornings. It takes only a few minutes to power up my body with a heart healthy, vitamin and protein packed meal that takes me through the morning without getting hungry…maybe a little hangry sometimes (you know what I mean right 😉

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