Blueberry Bourbon Smash Pitcher

Offer me a drink where a good bourbon is involved and I’m in. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere right? Today happens to be Wednesday and what better than a refreshing mid-week cocktail after a long day.

My favorite Bourbon for a smash is Woodford Reserve. It just blends so well with sweet cocktails. The original version of a smash goes back to the 1800’s and its a concoction of spirits, sugar, mint and fruit in juice and for the garnish. Even though I didn’t have any mint on hand during the making of this cocktail, I did have more blueberries than I could possibly consume in a fruit salad. This got me thinking of what I could create to make the BEST use of them and what better than a blueberry simple syrup that would go perfect in my cocktail. Logically this would help me think better of what I was going to do with the remaining blueberries right. 😉

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